The new rules

6 March 2012 by , 1 Comment

So here are the amendments for the new whip rules which kick in

1/ The limit previously was 7 after that we would receive an
automatic suspension, the new rule means that the number 7 is now a trigger for
the steward to review the ride.

2/The steward will look to see if an inquiry is necessary, they
will ask what the reason was for the extra smacks. For example was the horse
hanging? Was it used for a safety issue or just to get more out of the horse? Was
it used with excessive force? Did the horse have time to respond?…..

3/ If a rider is found guilty for using the whip more times than
necessary they receive a suspension, if once over it’s a 2 day suspension, twice
over it’s a four day suspension and three times over seven days.

4/ Previous offences are not taken into account, riders will be
referred after their fifth offence of a two, six-day ban within the previous
six months or after seven days or more within the previous six months.

5/In a race worth £27,500 or more on the flat and £20,ooo over
jumps the stewards have the ability to fine the jockeys between £200 and
£10,000. They will judge this on the severity of the offence and the rider’s
earnings in that race.

The rules have been diluted massively since they originally came
out, the view from the weighing room is very positive, I think once the
stewards are realistic and fair about each individual situation, this time
around it could work. Let’s hope that’s the end of the whip conflict and now we
can all focus on the sport itself.



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  1. kevin williams 6 March 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    I agree totally lets hope the stewards grasp it and act uniformily

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